MORGEN sees itself as a mediator between various different professions: architecture & conceptual design, design & art, music, event and last but not least handicraft.

MORGEN was founded in 1998 by architect Sabine Mühlbauer and artist Thomas Tritsch. MORGEN Studio plans and implements interior design projects in public and private living spaces. Based in Frankfurt Osthafen, MORGEN creates amongst other things projects and furniture for fares, museums, restaurants, clubs, shops, offices and the furniture industry from idea to finish. All furniture is produced in the in-house workshop based at MORGEN headquarters, following traditional rules of carpentry.

MORGEN furniture are timeless objects, inspired and created by working with individual customers and personalities. This way every piece of furniture has its own origin, idea and story. All pieces of the MORGEN collection have a strong character, without being exorbitant. They integrate without downgrading; they can be combined, transformed and can always function as a solitaire. Before delivery the unique pieces are signed and marked with a serial number. They are available in selected stores in Europe and the USA.

MORGEN kitchen is what you want to prepare food, cook and enjoy life in. Our kitchen are designed by our architects, custom-made and then implemented by our team in your home. We offer a wide range of concepts, designs and materials that are eager to please our clientele.

MORGEN & Friends is the showroom for international furniture and lighting manufacturers and of course craftsmen from all trades. During every day work and over the years friendships have developed, which complete the creation of living spaces to perfection.

MORGEN headquarters and home is pure passion and inspiration. MORGEN is the event manager for exhibitions, concerts, readings, installations, culinary fests and last but not least glamorous parties. But above all it is the guests who make every evening special.